Lil Readers Book Club is now a part of Subscription Box Kids!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lil Readers Book Club?

Lil Readers Book Club is a monthly subscription box that inspires a love of reading in children ages 3-6. Each box will contain 3-4 books, crafts and more.

What ages is it for?

Lil Readers Book Club is designed for children ages 3-6.   Crafts and activities are designed for parents to be involved as much or as little  as they see fit for the age and maturity of their child.           

 What materials will I need to purchase myself?

The box will include pretty much everything you will need to  complete the different activities and crafts, minus a few basic supplies  that you may already have laying around your home. These basic  materials include glue, scissors, tape, crayons, pencils, and markers.             

How much does it cost?

The box costs $32.95 + shipping if you pay month-to-month.        

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

It's easy! Just login to your customer account, from there you  can manage all of your information and cancel your subscription at any  time.    

Where do you ship?

Currently Lil Readers Book Club only ships to the United States.

How can I contact you?

Just e-mail us! [email protected]