Lil Readers Book Club is now a part of Subscription Box Kids!

Our Goal is to Make Learning Fun!

We believe that all children are capable of reaching their full potential when given the proper tools and opportunities.

Lil Readers Book Club is curated based on a new, fun theme every month. It is designed to be a great learning experience on its own or as a complementary experience to The Preschool Box. Each month you will receive 3-4 books, related activities, and perhaps something fun to excite your lil one!

Meet Our Founder

Tina Schnell previously taught kindergarten in a dual language school before becoming a stay at home mom of three children. She has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and has a particular passion for teaching kids to read. Tina designed the Lil Readers Book Club using concepts and skills that are taught in early childhood education.               

Besides teaching, Tina also enjoys spending time with her husband Tim, her 3 kids, and two large dogs. She enjoys singing and playing music and has worked in children’s ministry since a young age.           

Tina hopes that Lil Readers Book Club will help engage you and your child together in fun, and meaningful learning activities and will help blossom your child’s learning potential.